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Clean and DeBurr
Clean parts and blocks as instructed, performing operations such as file burrs and sharp edges, re-ream, re-tap for proper assembly, disassemble and assemble parts to perform cleaning operations. Blend and polish areas deburred. Wash parts in wash tank or steam clean and blow dry. Sand blast smaller parts as required. Clean holes, drill and tap by hand, using gages to check parts is in accordance with specifications. Water and hydro test parts. May be required to use imprex machine to identify and repair porosity problems. Perform work to blueprint instructions. Templates may be used to grind contours as needed. Stamp with proper identification as needed. Paint with filler as specified. Work to tolerances of +/- .001.

Weldment Clean and Shot Blast
Chips, grind and wire brush weld splatter from weldments. Disc sand surfaces. Paint parts with cold water paint, plug openings, test for leaks. Drill and tap covers for layout.
Load pieces into shot blast booth. Puts on personal protective equipment. Shot blasts castings or weldments to remove scale, dirt or rust. Add shot to the machine as required and make minor repairs and adjustments.

Apply masking equipment to liners, plug holes, fill liner jacket water passage are with heresite, rotate 180 degrees each way. Remove plugs and drain heresite. Clean excess heresite from liners. Bake in over for required periods. Spray and back injection hold openings on jacket. Re-tap threads and check dimensions with thread gage. Also perform heresite operation on other miscellaneous parts as required. Tolerances held to .0015 minimum thickness. Clean booth, wash plugs and bands with thinner, light and tend oven. Cob blast rusted parts as required.

Parco Operations
Operate parco tanks to rust proof parts, performing duties such as dip parts in oakite solution to clean, move to rinse tank, move to granoseal solution, leave in solution time necessary to complete oxidation process, move to rinse tank and then to soluble oil solution. Load and unload cylinder liner boxes and stage cylinder liners for parco process. Rework liners as required. Hand tap cylinder liners after process is completed. Perform maintenance duties such as clean tanks, mix solutions to laboratory specifications, test solutions for proper strength.

May be required to assist with maintenance of paint records, and lift medium weight materials by hand, hoist or crane.
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Beloit, Wisconsin, United States
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