Mill and Calendar Operator

Location: Palmyra, New York US


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Job Number: 25881

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External Description:
Job Description

  • Adjusts and operates bias shear to cut rolls of frictioned, dipped and skimmed fabric into bias strips of various widths.
  • Operates splicing equipment, cross wrap machines, planer, slitter, and drier.
  • Plies up strips to form slab or joins strips end to end and forms rolls of various widths of bias stock. May also "book" or "board" strips.
  • Performs duties that include checking order, selecting and loading rolls of stock onto feeder end, adjusting machine to strip width requirement and cutting rate when possible.
  • Works with another operator to tack strips end to end and wind up in roll form or grasp strips from conveyor belt end and stack one on top of another or between leaves of line book, or plies up to form slab of various plies.
  • Performs material handling to maintain operation flow.
  • Keep daily records of work performed.
  • Rewinds new and used cloth and other liner material on cloth winding machine.
  • Operates a drier to remove moisture from cloth prior to its use on calendars.
  • Receives instructions or checks daily production schedule to determine type of cloth to wind and sequence to be followed.
  • Selecting and placing cloth rolls in machine holders, winding and drying of cloth, removal, weighing and marking of rolls and the transporting of rolls to the storage area or dry can on wheeled truck.
  • In rewinding of used cloth, may piece several lengths to make large roll. Uses electric sewing machine to make repairs.
  • Exercises care to insure that rolls are rewound tightly and evenly, bad spots in cloth are removed and that proper drier temperature is maintained.
  • Liner cloth may be returned mixed and unmarked and operator must be able to visually identify basic types of cloth.
  • Order supplies as needed.
  • Occasionally does sewing for other units.
  • Operates tow motor.
  • Set up and operate bevel cut ring cutter, diagonal cutter, grinder, automatic press, belt sander, automatic punch press, post drill, Cameron slitter, steam vulcanizer.
  • Operates machine and hand tools such as slitter, calendar, sewing machine, hammers, knives, rollers, scissors and scribes.
  • Hones and sharpens knives and punches, type of stock to be cut determines manner in which knife is sharpened.
  • Uses a wide variety of measuring devices and works to prints and sketches and to close tolerances.
  • Performs shipping duties such as: bagging, boxing, labels, weight counting, and packaging.
  • Keeps production records.
  • Works from order card to determine style, size and quality to be produced.
  • Checks work at periodic intervals to insure maintenance of quality.
  • Performs shipping duties such as: bagging, boxing, labeling, weight counting and packaging and keeps record of production.
  • Inputs information into computer via manufacturing computer system.
  • Gets stock as needed for orders, weights and/or counts products produced, checks stock for thickness, stores usable scrap in bins, and keeps records of daily production.
  • Works from order card to determine style, size and quality to be produced.
  • Responsible for interpreting order for correct dimensions, selecting pre-cut for appropriate gasket size.
  • Works from a sequence of instructions provided on product master.INSPECTOR PRINTER OPERATION:
  • Teams up with another operator to trim, inspect, brand, and rewind cured rubber sheet into rolls of specific length per customer or stock order.
  • Processes press cured sheet as well as vulcanizer cured sheet.
  • Operates a trimming and printing machine that trims and brands sheet if required, and also enables operators to inspect and rewind sheet into rolls.
  • Wraps rolls with paper and ties, marks with style and size data, weights and places on skid or transports to hold area for pickup.
  • Removes sections of sheet that are found to be defective or do not meet thickness requirements.
  • Changes style and date information on printer as necessary, replenish ink supply, oils and greases equipment.
  • Maintains order files and keeps a record of scrap and daily production.
  • Operates a steam vulcanizer to cure calendered rubber sheet stock in accordance with Company specifications.
  • Assists in the transfer of large drums containing wrapped uncured rubber sheet to vulcanizer area for curing as required.
  • Uses air hoist to locate drums onto vulcanizer track, pushes drums into vulcanizer by hand or uses power winch.
  • Closes door, sets cam on clock, opens steam valves, and allows sheet to cure.
  • Pulls drums from vulcanizer, loads onto unwinding equipment, and removes wrapping and rubber after cure.
  • Delivers rolls of cured rubber to hold area and cloth liner to rack for reuse.HYDRAULIC PRESS:
  • Works with two or three operators to set up, adjust, operate and feed a series of hydraulic presses used to cure sheet, slab and strip stock.
  • Changes press bars and makes necessary temperature adjustments during setup.
  • Sets up squeeze mold to make channel packing.
  • Performs specific duties that include securing of stock, loading of stock to press, raising of press to cure, removal of stock after prescribed interval and storage in proper rack or location.
  • Inserts sticks between slabs to avoid extended curing.
  • Uses come-along to load heavy stock while biased slab is wet soaped and pushed into press.
  • Sprays press decks with release agent.
  • While most production data is derived from charts, operator may have to deviate from schedule to avoid blister but must clear all changes with foreman before altering cure time or temperature.
  • Turns in daily press record of work performed.
  • Selects, obtains, and returns tools and equipment relative to operation.POWER DRUM OPERATOR:
  • Operates a powered drum to ply up frictioned and skimmed sheet stock into slabs of various thickness and widths.
  • Derives style, size, number of ply, quantity and slab identification from order cards and production data book.
  • Performs duties that include selection of sheet materials and placing in machine; starting material on drum; setting knives to slit material to proper width; operating machine to build up required ply; checking size of material; winding up liner cloth; cutting and pulling slab from drum onto table.
  • Checks slab thickness and width, and trims as required.
  • Applies soapstone, marks or paints slab as required.
  • Places plastic liner or cloth between slabs if required.
  • Uses template to cut sheet stock to desired dimensions.
  • Trucks liners, scrap and finished slabs to proper area.
  • Uses snap gauge, calipers and rule.
  • Obtains paint, soapstone and other supplies as needed; sharpens knives, records production.
  • Completes opening of press/mold by various manual means and closes partially by manual means and pushing control buttons.
  • Sets up assigned press line by use of lead press for maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Raises and lowers presses.
  • Applies mold wash to cavities.
  • Inserts blanks in mold cavities by hand.
  • Cures stock for prescribed length of time.
  • Removes finished molded pieces from mold cavities and deposits in provided containers.
  • Exercises care in loading molds to insure that metal or rubber blanks are properly positioned. Operator's inspection responsibilities will become paramount throughout molding cycle.
  • Audits pre-molded blanks for defects and proper weights during initial start-up.
  • Notifies Supervisor of defective conditions concerning pre-molded blanks who will then coordinate corrective action with operator.
  • Inspects finished molded pieces, this inspection will involve the use of some form of gauge(s).
  • Assures, then provides input to Supervision as to the following:22.2 Durometer checks meet standard.
  • 22.1 Proper data codes are in place
  • Status on stock availability and mold conditions.
  • Provides input and data for histogram/bell chart development.
  • Verifies mold wash correctness.
  • Predetermines pressures, cure times and temperatures on product masters when presses are in operation. Employee will however, be alert to pressure changes, proper functioning of mechanical lubricating systems, temperature readings, bumps and pre-heat cycle so as to provide input and correct product masters if improprieties exist.
  • Works with Supervision to assure product master correctness, including trial runs, data gathering and verbal communication as to progress status.
  • Miscellaneous functions such as tear trimming and stacking of parts will still be an essential duty of operators.
  • Performs various finishing operations on molded rubber items in order to prepare them for shipment. Use of hand trim or machine trimmer, belt sander and other hand or simple shop tools/machines.
  • Rejects items with defects and cause/reason for defect.
  • Sets up and operates a variety of machines.
  • Performs equipment setup.
  • Oils machines.
  • Dips blanks in liquid cement as required.
  • Stacks blanks in tray and delivers to next center or dips ends into cement and places on drying rack before delivering to next center.
  • Operates clicker cutter
  • Performs set-up and major adjustments of both presses, recognizes operating problems such as damaged punches, defective stock and changes in press operation.
  • Works from order cards and verbal instructions.
  • Retrieves own material for operation.
  • Prepares samples and evaluates quality of product after molding to determine any needed changes.
  • Performs material handling necessary to complete all work assignments
  • Maintains required data including production records, control charts, etc requested by supervision/management.
  • Keeps machines clean and lubricated.
  • Keeps work area 5S condition.
  • Performs other jobs as assigned by Supervisor.
  • The above statements are intended to describe general nature of work being performed by people assigned to this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel classified under this job title.

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    Palmyra, New York, United States
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    Community / Marketing Title: Mill and Calendar Operator

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